Hannah Williams Playground

This year, four Wayland Girl Scouts have voluntered to help WaylandBeautification with the plantings at the Hannah Williams Playground.

There has been lots of activity at Hannah Williams Playground - the playground has been re-designed and re-built.   

From Transition Wayland:

In June 2012, the Wayland DPW under the direction of Don Oullette secured generous funding from the Wayland Beautification Committee for a small part of the newly renovated Hannah Williams Playground. The spot, in the sunny South-East corner of the park, was put aside for an Ecological Food Garden. This is a fantastic opportunity for our town. To integrate food into this beautiful public space is a novel, adventurous and revolutionary initiative. It has been done but not nearly as often as it should be. Kaat Vander Straeten volunteered to design it and to spearhead its actualization.

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